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Turn your patio, your driveway’s foundation, or your old pool into your personal underground water harvesting system.
Aquabank’s newly patented In-slab Aquifer is designed specifically for new construction. We combine storm water management, rainwater harvesting plus grey water collection and create underground storage without ugly tanks in sight. 

In Central Texas, where average rainfall is around 30” annually, your Aquabank system can collect more than 75,000 gallons per year. Reuse the water for landscape irrigation, even in times of drought, saving you money on water bills and plant replacements.
Because the Aquabank system can be constructed as part of your foundation, it is the most cost-effective, gallon-to-gallon water reuse system available. With Aquabank, you can save 30% or more when compared to aboveground tanks and older technology systems.


Aquabank Rainwater Harvesting is a today’s wise choice

Aquabank Underground Aquifers give you a low-cost alternative for rain water harvesting that’s also easy on the eyes. Aquabank tanks are designed to be placed under driveways, patios, grass, or stepping stones, with no unsightly tanks anywhere! A perfect Aquabank tank is an unsightly old pool that is too expensive to renovate or restore, and yet is the perfect storage system for an Aquabank aquifer which will add value to your home or business, while saving you money and conserving water!

Our revolutionary newly patented aquifer storage tanks are custom designed to collect:

  • Roof runoff
  • Storm water runoff from neighboring properties
  • AC condensation
  • Grey water from utilities, vanities & tubs

Aquabank rainwater harvesting makes sense

  • Easily and inexpensively added to your existing sprinkler system, or creates a new one
  • Replaces or can work in tandem as the storage for water wells
  • Produces about 600 gallons of water for every inch of rain falling on a 1000 sq. ft. roof
  • Provides nitrogen-rich pollutant-free water with properties superior to ground or surface water
  • Provides ideal landscaping water, even during times of water restrictions
  • System costs are low and maintenance infrequent, and inexpensive

What Aquabank’s rainwater harvesting systems do that the other guys don’t:

  • Your stored water remains near 72 degrees with reduced bacterial growth
  • Fits in spaces and places otherwise unavailable to above-ground rainwater harvesting companies
  • New Aquabank "water synergy" (in R&D) can use your system to help cool your home, a clean tech alternative that will save money

Collect and reuse grey water too:

  • Solve aerobic sewer system water quality problems by safely reusing grey water for irrigation and home use
  • Replace (or enhance) your well with a combination of grey and rainwater harvesting systems
  • Produce additional water when rain water harvesting alone can’t supply enough


Aquabank turns an unwanted pool into a rainwater harvesting system

  • Collect and store thousands of gallons of rainwater for reuse
  • Turn pool maintenance costs and hassles into lush landscape
  • Transform an unused eyesore into an Underground Aquifer, an environmental boon