Aquabank, Inc. is a national water management company that designs, sells and installs rain, storm, and grey water harvesting systems to capture water for reuse and conservation.

Aquabank is not your simple whistle, barrels and bells company. We take water management seriously. From catchment, storage, to distribution, Aquabank has unique differences that make our systems less expensive, more efficient and less obtrusive than any of our competitors. And Aquabank's patented technology offers you more felixibilty in your water management choices, as our systems are all customized to you site.

Aquabank’s catchment system starts with site planning. We assess all potential water including:


Rain water off the roof

600 gallons per 1000 square feet of roof

Surface water off of walks, drives and other impervious areas

600 gallons per 1000 square feet of impervious coverage

Landscaped "rain highways"

800 gallons per acre

AC condensation

30 gallons per day

Grey water vs. black water sources, aerobic or septic alternatives for total non-potable reuse

200 gallons per day

Street storm water reuse

4000 gallons per hour


Aquabank is the only company offering underground patented "Aquifer" storage systems. Because of our unique design, Aquabank offers underground storage for a fraction of the cost of any competitor. Our Aquifers can be installed on any site whether you have solid rock or easily excavated soils. For new home construction, we offer engineered and certified free form Aquifers that will take the place of the normal road base used to fill the voids in the foundation.

Our distribution management system is designed for maximum safety and efficiency.

By redirecting all water sources, your landscape needs most likely will come off the grid and no longer be directly affected or restricted by water agencies.